Run School Run


RUN SCHOOL RUN - A progressive bespoke programme leading us onto the running track, enjoying the fresh air! Our program includes 4 stages of development; Physical conditioning – Running – Jumping – Throwing.

Each week will involve warm up, an instructed supported RUN, a contrasting activity and a cool down

Contrasting activities will include; field throws, hurdles, high jump, long jump and pole vault.

RUN SCHOOL RUN will always be outside whatever the weather!

Our bespoke programme runs alongside that of the England Athletics 365 programme. Run school is affiliated to England Athletics.


RUN offer an initial induction, you will be taking your induction in the approximate stage of your development – you will be assessed.

Our run school coaches will use this induction day to assess your child’s skills and level of current fitness against our RUN programme. At the end of the induction day, we will then assign your child to the most appropriate level of our Run school programme, based on our observations.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein.